The Light Between Oceans, by Kevin Dunn is a captivating read full of wonder and adventure. The premise is simple enough, Australia is in trouble. It is sinking into the abyss at an alarming rate causing major environmental damage and the once thriving coral reef is being destroyed at an alarming rate. In order to save the existent reefs and millions of marine animals that exist on the islands, the Australian government must arm herself with a massive underwater submersible drilling fleet, the only vehicle capable of reaching the depths where the kelp forests and other deep sea creatures live.

The expedition begins when the first ships are dispatched to find a suitable destination for the drilling operation. First, they travel to the remote southeast corner of the Pacific Ocean, on the New Hebrides Island. There, they encounter a violent storm which has stripped away much of the ocean life from the islands. The remaining aquatic life consists mainly of giant clams and crabs who have been displaced to the further north. Aboard the ship, Dr. Derek van Heerte and his team discover a previously undiscovered reef protected by the light blue water and rich with rare corals.

While the crew of the ship is clearing the way for the drill, they run aground on a humpback whale, the world’s largest animal. Fortunately, the frightened whale is carrying a powerful sonar which alerts the divers to the danger. It is here, amidst the deep oceans that the team uncovers the mystery of the Light Between Oceans. It is here that they come across a massive sea turtle which is the source of much excitement as the characters begin to take it home. Once home, the characters decide to name the turtle after the newly discovered wonder.

With the world war that has bemoaned its way into the future, the characters find themselves in a time period when a new menace is rising. A nuclear power plant has been built and is threatening to unleash a horrific force onto the unsuspecting oceans. The characters must help the local marine life in order to stop this impending disaster. In doing so, they uncover the true story of the Light Between Oceans and learn about the role of the oceans in the ecosystem. While it may seem like a small movie at first, The Light Between Oceans is a thrilling and emotional to watch. It answers many questions, and paints a clear picture of the future of both the oceans and the earth.

Dreamworks and the filmmakers have done a fabulous job in telling this story. The film not only looks stunning but also sounds incredible. The voice over work and the cinematography do an amazing job in creating an atmosphere that seems to be a part of our own. With The Light Between Oceans, the company has created one of the most unique films of the year. People of all ages are going to experience something truly special with this one.

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One of the most amazing scenes from The Light Between Oceans occurs at the beginning of the film when the young woman arrives at the fassbender wish stedman lighthouse to meet her parents. The girl is immediately captivated by the beautiful young woman before her. As the pair walks towards the lighthouse keeper’s house, they are met by a middle aged man who is actually the lighthouse keeper. He is caring for his ailing son, J augment, and asks the girl if she would like to help him care for his son. As the two women walk into the house, they encounter the beautiful young man again, but this time he has brought his son with him. The two families become friends and the girl realizes that she can not only help her friend but also save the life of her new friend’s son.

This movie about the Light Between Oceans is a remarkable film that tells the story of two young women who find love and friendship in this magnificent adventure about the oceans and the kindness in people. The Light Between Oceans is one of the best documentaries ever made and it continues to entertain even today. If you have never seen this fantastic movie, I highly recommend that you do. If you have seen it, you know why it is such a timeless piece of work. It is a definite must-see movie.