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The Mask – A Movie Review

The Big Short, a film starring Keanu Reeves and directed by his friend and stuntman Jordan Vogler, is getting ready to premiere this week. One of the best films of 2021, The Big Short is a quick and entertaining to watch as Reeves plays an average, no-nonsense high school junior who has a desire to get out of college and start working. He meets the beautiful Rachelle (“Old Yeller”) in a bar, and they become fast friends. Within a matter of days, however, Rachel becomes the victim of a robbery gone bad, and her boyfriend (Daniel Craig) suddenly falls head over heels in love with her.

One of the most enjoyable aspects of The Big Short is the cinematography. This is a modern film that utilizes a number of interesting and effective chase sequences, including one that leads the pair through an airport on a bike, following a truck that wants them to stop for a pickup. But it’s the near misses and the interplay between the two characters that make The Big Short a fun, light-hearted film to watch. Between the witty banter between the two, and the physical comedy between Rachel and her onscreen husband, the movie never feels heavy-duty or desperate. Instead, it’s a smart, light-hearted romantic comedy that shows just how much heart a man can put into a relationship.

The central relationship theme in The Big Short, which has the couple juggling their career and their emotional rollercoaster of love, is a typical tale of a typical American male-female relationship. It’s a story that so many women and girls have already seen played out millions of times before in romances and comedies like Bridesmaids or Grown Ups. However, The Big Short gives those stories with a contemporary twist, and in doing so, makes it more appealing to both men and women.

When we think about the plot of The Big Short, we recall the events of the film primarily as the coming of a married man who decides to take a long-awaited vacation with his new wife after the birth of their first child. He does everything he can to enjoy the time with his wife, including enjoying a relaxing round of golf at an upscale country club. The only problem is that things don’t go as planned, and he soon finds himself deeply in debt. His new wife tells him that he’s earned just enough money for them to start over, but he’s not about to let his pride get in the way of his family’s financial future. To complicate matters even further, when he learns that his late wife had told her best friend about their joint bank account, he flies into a rage and goes to jail.

With his ex-wife by his side, he plans to use his newfound wealth to right the wrongs done to him by his ex. But things are not as smooth as he expected. Rachel, who by this point has formed a close bond with Reeses, suddenly discovers that she’s not really happy being married to Reeses. She wants her own life, and when Reeses insists that they’re just friends, it will be another obstacle in their path of happily ever after.

In order to clear their name, they need to hire a private investigator to find out what really happened in their marriage and figure out who was responsible. Rachel is reluctant to do this because she feels like it’s putting a burden on her good friend, but ends up hiring him anyway. Once he’s done with his investigation, they both come to a devastating discovery. Reeses is unfaithful, and Rachel vows to find out why so that they can finally start over. Things aren’t going so well for them from the beginning, though, because Reeses still has a daughter to take care of.

The movie isn’t all that serious. It’s fun and entertaining, but also has its moments of dark humor. The whole movie is in the style of a comedy, so there are plenty of funny scenes. Some of the more hilarious moments involve Reeses teaching his daughter how to golf, and Rachel teaching him the same lessons. There’s also some romantic comedy sequences, such as when Rachel gets Reeses’ cell phone ring in the rain.

Overall, Keanu Reeves is an excellent leading man. He plays the part of a man who seems like he wants to leave his wife and child in order to pursue his career. This movie shows us just how good he can play the part of a responsible, loyal husband, but he also portrays the other characters well. People will probably remember Keanu Reeves as Reeves’ best friend in the series of Kung Fu movies, but The Mask is one of his best roles to date. If you haven’t seen it, you really should check it out.