“X Rated World” is the second film in the Petta Movie series. Starring alongside Katrina Law and Michael Rapaport, this new film promises to be even better than the first film. An origin story of sorts, the movie takes place in Mumbai, India where young girl called Kaali has just returned from school. When Kaali gets into a bar with some corrupt locals, things take an unexpected turn when she falls for a local called Vasky.

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Vasky is one of the local boys who are close to both Kaali and her mother. The two girls spend a lot of time together as they help their friend with their case. Once they manage to bust a group of bullies, they learn that their mother has been killed. They then learn that their father is involved in organized crime, which is trying to get a hold on the city’s power structure. All seems hopeless until one of the local girls named Nivi falls for Vasky, and he decides to leave town.

Five years later, in the opening scene of the movie, Kaali and Nivi are sitting on a bus headed for college. In the front of the bus are three local girls. They are being held prisoner inside a warehouse, and they have been told that if they talk to anyone, they will be killed. The three girls manage to get out of the warehouse and enter a store where the owner keeps them as sex slaves. The girls then manage to escape and alert the police. The movie then shows the progress of the investigation, which leads the detectives to the warehouse where the crime happened.

The movie starts out with the main character of Kaali struggling with feelings of embarrassment and shame after her parents dumping her and leaving her in an orphanage. Later, Kaali gets a job at a disco as a dancer, and she meets Mankarious. Mankarious soon falls in love with her, which prompts her to look into getting into a movie franchise based on this set of events. This leads to the first film of the Petta movie franchise. The movie is a great mix of comedy and romance, which make it a good watch for children and adults.

The first film is about a young man named Petta who are trying to set up a new life in Mumbai, but things go wrong when a girl he is supposed to meet ends up dying in a car crash. He is very sad about the death, but when he returns home, his father refuses to believe him, so Petta carries out his plan to meet the girl. When he finally gets her, he realizes that the girl was not killed in the accident, and that she has been put in a mental institution. While trying to figure out what happened to her, Petta gets more information from his own doctor, which leads him to figure out that the reason he was thrown into a coma is because he choked on some food during a party. However, before he can tell his parents what happened to him, the girl’s husband shows up and tells them that their daughter was actually brainwashed by a mafia syndicate, which is what prompted Petta’s trip into the restaurant in the first place.

After finding out that the girl was brainwashed, Petta sets out to rescue her and bring peace to her family. The first film ends with the two families reunited, but things do not go as planned, and Petta is shot and killed while saving the girl. An alert is sent to the police, who find Petta’s body lying in the street, dead. A week later, his body is found and identified, and police discover that a hit and run had occurred earlier that day. The owner of the car that ran into the restaurant has now been charged with murder, and all evidence points to him being responsible.

The plot of the first film is one that kids should definitely watch. The story follows the everyday life of Petta, a middle-class Italian boy who becomes an overnight celebrity when he saves the life of a mute boy who was held hostage in a train station. While the press and the internet quickly dubbed Petta as a “godlike” figure, his parents are not as supportive and believe that he is too good to be true. Petta must learn to control his powers so that he can protect the innocent children that he serves. It is these children that form the main basis for the story, and many of the movie’s jokes revolve around this.

Overall, The Perfume Movie is a fun movie. It has a decent plot, and most of the jokes are delivered with fantastic effects. Despite the above mentioned problems, the movie is still a great watch, and I recommend it to anyone looking for a good Italian comedy. If you are looking for a good introduction to Italian films that won’t turn your head, then The Perfume Movie is worth seeing…