top 100 songs of all time

The Top 100 Songs of All Time

Have you ever noticed that there are only a handful of songs that actually make the “top 100” in the history of the Hip Hop charts? It is a sad fact that many of today’s greatest recording stars either got their start by borrowing or stealing from songs that came before. But that does not mean that they cannot top the list any time in the near future. Here are a few reasons as to why you should be listening to some of these great songs right now.

First, great artists use samples and alter their sounds to fit a specific need. The famous Beach Boys used the surf sound in their hit song “olverine”. All of us love the Beach Boys but few of us have actually heard a surf song. Imagine the surprise when “ravel on” was introduced into our everyday lives.

Second, these songs were created by talented artists who had very unique voices. People all over the world can recognize Dr. Dre, P Diddy, J Dilla, Nelly and many other great voices. Imagine how diverse hip hop would be if all of this creative talent was put together in one place. You would hear songs that would never get on the radio today.

Third, they tell a story. There are some songs that tell a story. Can you name a hip-hop tune that doesn’t tell a story? I can’t.

Fourth, they are fun to sing. This is what we all look for in a song. We want to be able to sing along with it and we want it to be something that makes us feel good. “She sings A Day When You’re Young” by Backstreet Boys is one of my favorite songs because it tells about growing up and going through different experiences.

Fifth, they have a message. Some songs have a message, even though they are not about love or a relationship. “I Need A Milkshake” by the Nelly Furtado will make you cry, but you’ll also appreciate that it’s about getting out of bed and learning to live a life.

Sixth, they touch our hearts. This is a list that is made up of popular songs that we grew up listening to, songs that still have meant to us today and songs that our children might want to hear. Imagine a compilation of The White Stripes and American Pie. That one will touch your heart and bring you back to your childhood.

Seventh, they don’t go anywhere. These are the songs that everyone knows, but never take the time to go to see if it’s play in a club or at the movies. Instead, people just keep putting them on repeat. For me, I think these are the top seven hip hop of all time. There are many more out there, but for now, these are the ones that I consider to be the classics.

Eighth, they touch your soul. All of the above mentioned songs have something that touches your soul when you hear them. But sometimes music gets to my soul before it gets to your head. When you listen to a great beat, you can almost feel it in your body.

ninth, they make you think. When I was growing up, hip hop was considered to be trash. We would sit for hours and listen to non-hip hop records and we were still told that it was trash. But now, I consider this to be one of my favorites.

Finally, it’s hard to decide whether or not this list would be tops one hundred beats. Each of the artists that are listed here has created their own distinct sound, and they continue to do so in today’s modern era. Which one is going to be the top, will be based on which one you like the best.

I recommend that you try to hear all of these songs. If you like them, then you should make a note of them. If you don’t, then you might want to get an MP3 player and listen to them. It might take you a week or so to make your decision. In the end, what will matter is how much pleasure you get from music.