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The Top Songs Of The Year And What We Can Learn From Them

The Top Songs of2019 will be released in theaters around the world in March, regardless if it’s the United States, United Kingdom or Australia. We here at this website will be providing you with the best information on what the songs are like. The official site has links to all of the songs featured in the movie as well. Watch trailers for them and read the full descriptions below.

I am Alone – The Chainsmokers ft. Christian Audigier & Lyric Music feat. David Gutta (The Weekend) I am Alone is probably going to be the theme song for the Top Songs of2019. This song was also included in the songbook for the 50th anniversary of the Beatles. While not technically a rock song, I believe it is probably close to being one. Watch the trailer and listen to the background music at this website.

The Ballad of Fallen Angels – Brave (ft. Joanna Newsome) The Ballad of Fallen Angels is yet another collaboration between the legendary Joanna Newsome and Christian Audigier. If you haven’t heard, Brave by Brave can be seen as the theme song for the next installment of The DaVinci Code. Brave is directed by Christopher Nolan, who made Nolan’s Dunkirk movie. You can also listen to the trailer and learn more about the music videos here.

Home Again – The Carsons Home Again is possibly the most well known of all the Michael Jackson songs from his career. This song was used in the video for “Thriller”. It was later used on numerous other videos. You can find out where the song came from and watch the official home video here.

Hold Me Now – Broken Strings The Hold Me Now song was written by backup singer Lenny Kravitz. It’s a good backup, with great vocals, but I don’t think it’s going to go very far. I hear the guitar part is nice but the story behind it doesn’t do anything for me. The Kravitz siblings are great actors, but I’m not a huge fan of their acting. Maybe I’m not watching enough Michael Jackson videos…

One Nation Under Dog – New Divide One Nation Underdog by Christian Audigier is a story about a young girl who moves to a new town and starts to fall for a boy. I’m pretty sure no one has ever seen the movie, so this is actually a pretty good song. It’s just not my kind of music. The lead guitar part is awesome though.

No Matter What – Thriller I’m pretty sure no one has heard this song, but it was an important part of Michael Jackson’s career. This song is about his relationship with Stevie Wonder. There are other stories and drama surrounding the couple, so this is another great tale being told.

Finally, here’s one we’ve never heard before. It’s called Come As You Are and it’s about two lovers in love who go off to Europe to meet. It’s a beautiful song, sung by the late Michael Jackson. It’s a great album worth buying if you can get your hands on it. It’s one of the best songs of the year, if not the year.

That Other Day – One Direction It’s an emotional song about losing someone very close. It speaks about the pain of a break up. This song features Zayn cuts. Expect some interesting lyrics when this one comes to the top of the charts. I’d definitely recommend listening to this song.

Something About Radioactive – Coldplay Imagine how big the song would be if it was about a new member of the band. That’s what makes Radiohead’s chart-topping song so great. It’s a great tale that’s been told many times over. Just enjoy the beautiful story this song tells.

These are just some of the top songs we’ve heard this year. Hopefully this list will inspire more people to look deeper into the songs on this list. There are literally thousands of great songs out there that we can enjoy.