A new “Your Man” music video is a romantic and mature take on the song’s original version. Starring a husband and wife, the modernized version revisits the same scenes of the song’s original video. The new video even features a FaceTime call from the children, bringing the song’s story to a fresh, new level. Here are three reasons why it’s a must-see:

Long Black Train

Josh Turner’s debut album, Long Black Train, was released in October 2003. The title track became a hit for the country artist, reaching a peak of number thirteen on the Billboard country charts. The album earned Turner a gold certification from the RIAA in June 2006. The song also became the title track of a movie, “Long Black Train.”

“Bind” was filmed at the Tennessee Valley Railroad Museum. In it, different sinful characters appear on a train track. Some of them vanish as the train passes over them. Those left standing indicate that they were able to resist the sin and overcome it. Several of Josh Turner’s songs are about the importance of trusting God. These songs have a universal appeal and are sure to touch the hearts of many people.

The influence of Cash is evident in the vocal nuances and lyrics of the songs. The album’s opening number, “In My Dreams,” is particularly reminiscent of Cash. The lyrics also show that Turner’s love for his wife is agape. This is a common theme among artists of all genres. However, the influence of Cash is distinctly discernible, as it was in the opening number and throughout the performance.

Your Man

In 2005, Josh Turner released his first number one single, “Your Man,” featuring his wife Jennifer and some steamy scenes in a hotel. The music video was similar to the original, featuring steamy scenes and even video calls between the couple. It featured similar locations, cast, and themes as the original, but it was more mature. This video even features a FaceTime call from Jennifer’s kids. But despite the similarity between the two versions, the songs are different.

The music video for “Your Man” features Josh’s wife Jennifer, who appeared in the official video fifteen years ago. The song features Josh dancing in a hotel lobby, kissing in an elevator, and then sharing a passionate moment in their room. Fans of Josh Turner will immediately recognize the song, which has reached triple platinum status. The video was also the subject of a photo shoot with the couple, which the singer shared with fans.

The song “Your Man” was released as the lead single from Turner’s debut album in August 2005. The song became his first number one single and was certified Platinum by the RIAA in September 2012. In 2006, the song reached the top of the Billboard Hot Country Songs chart. It is a great example of what Josh Turner can do with his voice. So many country singers have had success with this song. But Josh Turner’s version is still better and more mature.

With his rich baritone, Josh Turner resurrects country music’s most memorable songs. The singer maintains the traditions of country music while still connecting with contemporary listeners. For example, he revives Don Williams’ 1991 hit “Lord Have Mercy on a Country Boy.” And he pays tribute to honky-tonk icon Loretta Lynn with his rendition of “Loretta Lynn’s Cadillac.” The singer embodies the Southern Everyman without any affectation.

Randy Travis

Country music has long been Josh Turner’s love language, and it’s clear he’s a fan of the legend. In his live performances, he’s often been compared to the great Randy Travis, and his songwriting style is both sophisticated and down-home. But if he is a fan of traditional country music, he has his reasons. While Travis’ career has soared in recent years, his love of country music is as deep as his appreciation for the genre.

A year after Randy Travis’ stroke, he has finally returned to the recording studio. The two artists recorded “Forever and Ever, Amen,” a song that became famous during his heyday. Travis first made it famous in 1987 on his album Always and Forever, and it was his third No. 1 hit. He also performed it on Josh Turner’s Bobby Bones Show appearance. Randy Travis’ stroke severely limited Travis’ singing and speech, but Josh Turner managed to get him to record it and give the audience a glimpse of how he was like back then.

As a child, Josh Turner grew up listening to his favorite Christmas songs, including Randy Travis’ “An Old Time Christmas.” After a few years of waiting, the country singer has released his first full-length Christmas album, “King Size Manger.” The singer didn’t want to record a Frank Sinatra-style 100-piece orchestra medley. Instead, he wanted to record timeless country Christmas albums that would appeal to a wide range of country music fans.

Besides his solo albums, Travis also has a gospel record. His “Forever And Ever, Amen” single was released on TikTok in August 2020 and topped the charts. The song prompted hundreds of fans to follow him and earn him a Grammy Award for Best Gospel Album. Currently, he has more than 18 million likes on his music videos. There’s no telling when the country singer will release another gospel album, but it is likely a hit in the making.

The documentary follows Randy’s life from the beginning of his career up to his stroke in 2012. It includes hours of interviews and performances, including the last footage of the singer performing his signature hits. The movie was filmed by Martha Sharp, who worked at Warner Bros, and was unsure whether she’d be able to sign the musician because of his name. She reached out to Kyle Lehning, who was 100% in.

Chris Stapleton

There are many reasons why Chris Stapleton is Josh Turner’s man. His talent is undeniable. His ethereal voice and wry sense of humor are sure to sway any woman. And, his marriage to singer/songwriter Tina Turner will give you a chance to see the best of the country superstar. He and his wife have been married for eight years. But, Chris Stapleton’s first real love is her husband, Josh Turner.

Before launching his solo career, Chris Stapleton began writing songs for other artists. He’s had hits with Kenny Chesney, Josh Turner, and Darius Rucker. He also played guitar with bands like the SteelDrivers and Jompson Brothers. His solo debut album, Traveller (2015), reached number one on the US Billboard 200. It was certified platinum by the RIAA, and his cover of “Tennessee Whiskey” was certified diamond by the RIAA. From a Room: Volume 1 earned a CMA Award for Album of the Year.

“Your Man” is one of Turner’s most popular songs. It was his first Number One single, and was co-written by Stapleton and Jace Everett. It became a hit in the country charts, and Turner subsequently went on to achieve four more Number Ones. This song is an excellent showcase for Turner’s unique voice and his strong country roots. He’s the perfect Southern Everyman without the cliched affectation.