til debt do us part

Till Debt Do Us Part by Maxine de Leon

Till Debt Don’t Do Us Part is a guide for those who have been in a relationship that has gone bad. There are many couples who are in deep financial trouble today. They are both using credit cards and things like that to keep up with each other’s spending, but they haven’t come to a point to where they can no longer pay for what they have bought. This book looks at how to get your ex back who has taken a debt that you weren’t able to pay.

I LOVED my partner until I found out he had a $700,000 unsecured debt and everything came crumbling down. We were talking about moving our house until he said we could file for bankruptcy together. I was so glad he said that. It cleared a path for me to start saving, which was extremely important. He fell into debt from using his card too much and it snowballed from there.

The author argues that most couples are in bad fettle financially because the two individuals making the decisions are not in love anymore. It’s a huge leap of faith to have one person in charge of one’s finances and that person isn’t always in the right state of mind. The book talks about the common problems couples face when there is a fight over money and this is when it turns ugly quickly.

Most of the couples involved in this particular book had a history of bad money problems. Gail had an anger problem and would yell at everyone to stop paying her bills. Maxine was also involved in lots of money problems, especially with her ex husband. She couldn’t understand why they were so upset with her and didn’t know why she should change. All she knew was that she wanted to get out of this mess fast.

Gail and Maxine come from very different backgrounds but at the same time, they have found themselves in the same financial pitfall. It is interesting to read how they struggled financially as well as how they finally found help. They both felt like they had been lost for quite some time. In Gail’s case, it was a divorce, in Maxine’s case, it was bankruptcy. Gail and Maxine needed to find help with their debt and set their finances straight again.

Till Debt Do Us Part by Maxine de Leon helps you get on your way to getting your finances back in order. There are a lot of helpful tips included and most are actually quite similar to those found in some of the more popular financial books, like The Million Dollar Monthly Book or The Wealth of Nations. It’s a good thing that someone is out there offering advice based on their own experience. When people are stuck in a rut, they tend to keep to themselves and not share what’s going on in their lives with others. It usually ends up happening that people in their situation don’t know what to do to get out of the rut and get their finances back on track. Maxine and Gail both felt as though they were alone, but as the saying goes, you are never alone and they helped to bring a new light to that situation.

Maxine and Gail’s story is a great example of how you can overcome bankruptcy when dealing with your finances. While many people feel like their finances are totally out of control, the truth is, some situations aren’t quite so dire. Sometimes, couples can get caught up in what they think is ‘the worst family ever’ and that alone can cause problems. However, by taking accountability for their financial situation and working together, couples can be able to work through their issues and head towards a healthier future.

Till Debt Do Us Part by Maxine de Leon is a great book that could help you to see some of the positive things that come out of a bankruptcy filing. This book looks at bankruptcy as a way to get out from under a massive debt load. It shows couples that there could be solutions out there other than filing for bankruptcy. Although it is always best to seek professional advice before making any final decisions, keeping open minds about bankruptcy might help the couple to work things out.