The State of California does in exist an auto liability insurance plan that helps people whose income is less than a certain minimum level to buy insurance at highly discounted rates. The aim is to provide affordable insurance to all residents of California, thereby ensuring low cost insurance for the citizens of the Golden State. The State of California’s auto liability insurance plan has been designed to make vehicle owners to pay as little as possible out of pocket when an accident occurs. If a person is not insured, he/she will be responsible for all medical and repair bills, up to the limits of his/her policy amount.

low cost auto insurance

The State of California also has a website where persons who do not have low income eligibility can find affordable policies. People who own cars with a high market value are also eligible for low cost auto insurance plans. At this site, CA drivers may also find information on various discount schemes offered by insurers. Most of the insurers in California offer discounts for good driving records, low usage of automobiles, safe driving courses, and so on. In addition, those who have purchased their first car or who own cars with a long past history of safe driving can also save money by getting a multiple policy from the same insurer. Similarly, people who belong to professional associations can get discounts.

Most insurance companies in California offer several types of low cost auto insurance to low income drivers. A comprehensive liability coverage is mandatory for all persons driving in the state of California. This coverage protects them from lawsuits for accidents involving their vehicles. The minimum type of liability coverage required by the State of California is actually not that bad. For instance, the minimum type of liability coverage that most individuals get their vehicles insured for is the Personal Injury Protection (PIP) insurance from their personal insurer.

This coverage from the personal insurer does not help in paying for any medical expenses or repair bills for your vehicle. You may request for a low cost auto insurance program in California through the personal insurer. The personal insurer will, however, cover your liability coverage in the case of an accident. It does not cover your collision coverage in case of collisions with other vehicles. Only the third-party designee of the car insurance policy may pay for this.

Other types of low cost programs offered by some California insurance companies include: the Standard Waiver Program and the No Claim Waiver Program. In the first case, your low income earners cannot be denied the right to choose the policy premiums. If you belong to the second category, you can also be given the right to claim for injuries or property damage sustained in an accident if it was caused by the fault of other persons or the car insurance company. However, you may have to pay the excess cost.

If you belong to the federal poverty level, you can apply for a federal poverty aid plan. There is also another program offered by some California low cost auto insurance companies. This is the Low Cost Health Care Assistance Plan (HCMCAP) of the federal Department of Health and Human Services (HHS). This plan covers all the medical expenses for the prescribed medications, surgeries, tests, and procedures as well as nursing home care you might need in the future. You also have to pay a portion of your Medicare Parts A and B premiums.

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They always try to keep their coverage as low as possible. They only cover the minimum required by law, so you don’t have to worry about getting hit with a fine. The cheapest insurance company’s motto is “the customer should be satisfied”. It is very easy to reach them, as they are available through telephone, the Internet, direct mail and snail mail. Their service charges are low too, which is another good reason for people who are on a tight budget to choose them.