What do auto insurance companies offer discounts for? First, there are many discounts that are not offered by every company. Some companies will offer a discount if you maintain good grades. The higher your grade, the better! Good grades show responsibility is rewarded. If your grades are poor, an auto insurance company will charge you more money!

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Some companies offer discounts if you are able to demonstrate extreme driving skills. Your ability to control speed is obviously important. Some insurance companies believe speed is a factor in the occurrence of a motor vehicle accident. Therefore, if you can maintain a very fast car, you will be rewarded with a lower rate. This also works for parking in a place that is highly visible from the road.

Other factors involved in the determination of automobile insurance rates are driving history, age, sex, type of vehicle, and credit score. Are you aware that many insurance companies offer discounts if you have more than one vehicle insured with them? Some companies will reward you for having multiple insurance policies? How about owning a boat or recreational vehicle? Those with a history of auto insurance fraud might be disqualified from receiving a discount on insurance, but what about someone who has never had an insurance claim?

What type of vehicle will increase your premiums? Many drivers, especially young males, own sports cars. Although these automobiles are considered to be expensive, they are very risky because they have high amounts of horsepower, a faster top speed, and they are prone to rollovers. This puts drivers in a high risk category. Because of this, companies increase your auto insurance premiums based on the likelihood that you will have an accident. The more dangerous your vehicle, the higher your premium.

A few things you can do to decrease your premium are raising your deductibles, dropping your collision and comprehensive coverage, and taking a defensive driving class. Many insurance companies offer discounts for good student grades. If you have taken college classes recently, consider taking the GED test, which is a sure sign that you are a responsible person.

If you are wondering how to get cheap automobile insurance, consider making an effort to drive safely. Stay on the safe side most of the time. If you must take a road, do so in a well-lit area. When you park, do not leave your vehicle in a parking lot.

If you are concerned about your driving record, contact your insurance company and ask what discounts they offer. There may be a discount for having an alarm installed in your car, for having anti-theft devices, or for taking advanced driving courses. If you have had some claims on your insurance in the past, contact your provider and see if they have any cheap automobile insurance available. Remember that your coverage does not stop when you go to college. Continued good behavior is still necessary to keep your rates down.

Finding cheap automobile insurance is not difficult if you are willing to do the research required. You should always compare several companies before you make your decision. The best way to do this is online. There are many websites that will compare quotes from several different insurance companies, saving you time and money.

Once you have found a list of several automobile insurance companies that you like, start by getting a free quote. This will let you know how much of a monthly premium you would be required to pay. This will also allow you to compare prices between companies.

After you have decided which company you prefer, be sure to shop around and request at least three different premium quotes. There are companies that offer their customers a discount if they ask for more than one quote. Ask your friends and colleagues to get at least three different quotes and compare them. Never buy the first policy that you are offered. Make sure that you really are getting the best deal.

If you have made your choice, don’t forget to buy a vehicle coverage policy. It is very important that you have a valid policy in force. If you do not have insurance coverage, you will not have protection if you have been in an accident. Having no insurance can cost you a lot of money and time down the road.