For many people, their best credit card deals are those offered to consumers who make just a few everyday purchases. Most of us do not travel and do not have a lot of things that we purchase weekly or even monthly. But even if you do not travel extensively, you can still establish and build credit by using your credit cards to make purchases.

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The best credit cards will offer to you a low interest rate, low annual fees, and competitive prices on purchases. If you do not travel, you will not be able to get a low interest rate. It is much easier to get a low interest rate on purchases when you make a few regular purchases with your credit cards. So try to establish your credit by making regular purchases on your cards. You can then use your interest savings to pay off your balance more quickly. After a while, you will be able to transfer your balance and receive an introductory APR rate.

Some credit cards offer you a special deal where you will only need to pay a low introductory APR, but no annual fee. These cards may have a higher interest rate than other cards, but you will not be required to pay a yearly fee. After a year or two, the credit card company may change their offers and start charging annual fees. In this case, you will be able to transfer your balance and receive the same low interest rate that you had when you first opened the account. This type of offer is good for people that frequently make purchases but do not carry a balance each month. If you make a balance transfer and do not cancel it, you can continue to enjoy the low interest rate.

There are also credit card offers for new employees. If you work for an employer that offers employee cards, you can usually obtain a special introductory APR rate after the first year. However, if you are working at a company that does not offer employee cards, you may have to wait until you are hired to get an introductory rate. Even if you get an introductory APR rate, you may want to wait until after three years to make regular purchases so that you are still on the credit card and will be subject to a more standard interest rate. Even if you get this special interest rate, you can usually pay less in a year with these cards because you are less likely to make purchases than you would with a regular card.

An alternative to airline and hotel credit cards is the business credit cards that offer airline miles and hotel discounts along with the regular credit card features. For example, some of these cards will give you a credit card with no annual fee business credit card while others have an annual fee. These cards will give you one or two thousand bonus points for the purchase of air fare and sometimes for hotel stays. These points can be used for any travel expenses that you make. These cards usually have a lower limit on these points and will expire after a certain period of time. There are a few different types of business credit cards including the ones provided by the airline companies and hotel chains.

The third type of card is the zero percent interest card or the 0% introductory card. If you plan to make purchases for at least three months then you should take advantage of this offer. If you already have an established revolving balance then you will not earn any interest. These are usually the least expensive of all the credit cards and earn you unlimited 1.5% cash back bonus as long as you make your purchases with your card for the first three months.

The fourth type is the rewards card like the reward points or the store cards. These are very similar to the rewards cards in that they earn you reward points that you can use to make purchases. These rewards cards usually have a spending cap but do not have any annual fee. The best part about these types of cards is that once you have earned enough points then you are allowed to redeem them for gifts or for cash back.

Last but not least, the last option is the business use Amex Blue Business Plus card which allows you to earn up to two percent cash back on all purchases. This card has no annual fee but has the lowest usage rate of all the credit cards. In addition, you can earn up to two percent cash back on any traveling purchases as well.