Most affordable car insurance in the United States is available only to owners of certain vehicles. These cars are called “light duty” vehicles. These include cars that are normally driven on roads with shoulders and no on-road lanes. Some examples of these types of cars are trucks, minivans, SUVs, and mini-vans.

most affordable car insurance

There are three main factors that determine most affordable car insurance rates: the vehicle, driving history, and age of the driver. Poor credit. The insurance company is usually limited to half of the state, mainly in the Southeast and Central states of the U.S., but still offers good rates with excellent customer reviews. Car-Insurance offers many basic coverage and several different insurance options for good drivers of both sexes and ages. It also offers some extras that are great for those who want to protect their assets.

Average Cost per Year or Average Cost per Month. Good drivers who have not made an accident or any tickets in the past two years are usually assigned a low-cost or no-premium car insurance plan. For those with one or two accidents or tickets over the past two years, it would be a good idea to look at the average cost per year or per month because this type of plan usually has better premiums, with better benefits, depending on the specific coverage option chosen.

Young drivers. In the past few years, auto insurers in the United States have been mainly targeting young male drivers with high car insurance rates. This is primarily because male drivers are statistically more accident-prone, which puts them at higher risk for filing a claim. This is one of the reasons why most auto insurers in the United States are offering discounts for auto insurance rates especially for young male drivers. Some companies even have specific programs that are only available to young female drivers.

Full Coverage Auto Insurance. If you are a student looking for cheap auto insurance, then you must take into account the fact that young drivers are generally categorized as high risk or risky drivers. This means that they have a higher chance for being involved in car accidents or getting speeding tickets. Because of this, young drivers can expect to pay higher premiums compared to the rates for adults. However, if you are determined enough to maintain good grades and pass the necessary courses, you will eventually get your discount.

Dependent coverage. The rates for 24-year-olds can turn out to be expensive if they are taking care of someone else’s vehicle. However, some car insurance companies offer cheap rates for drivers who are also willing to provide at least partial coverage for the vehicle of their dependents. This is usually the cheapest rates for young drivers.

Many other auto insurance discounts for 24-year-olds are offered. Some insurers include tuition assistance in the premiums. This means that young drivers can avail of lower rates as they are being approved for the discount based on their high school records. In addition, many companies offer discounts for drivers who enroll in driver safety and defensive driving courses.

Single drivers. An interesting thing about married drivers is that they tend to be less safe than single drivers. This is because they are more likely to get involved in car accidents, which increases the risk for insurers. To get the least expensive rates, it is best to be married but if that is not possible, at least make sure that your partner is willing to share the car. Just like married couples, married drivers can also apply for discount through ValuePenguin.