If you already have a major health insurance policy, then purchasing a critical health insurance policy will give you an added financial buffer against the expensive treatment of critical health conditions. The insurance company covers the lump sum amount, even if the policyholder has been diagnosed with a critical health condition such as cancer or stroke, regardless of the medical cost. Some policies also cover dental expenses up to a certain level. But in most cases, this type of insurance does not cover all the costs immediately incurred. It usually pays the expenses only for a certain period after which it reduces by a certain percentage.

Critical Illness covers a broad range of diseases and conditions. The amount paid out by the policy depends on the ‘severity’ of the illness. This is the sum decided by the insurer and not the income of the policy-holder. So a person who is diagnosed with a serious illness such as cancer, leukemia, HIV, Parkinson’s disease etc, will be offered a larger amount. A person who suffers from diabetes may get a smaller critical health insurance policy as he may be predisposed to developing diabetes.

The critical health insurance plans pay a high percentage of the total medical expenses. There are some policies which pay up to eighty percent of the medical expenses. The amount paid by the policy will depend upon the period of time for which the plan is in force. The insured can also decide how much he wants to set aside for the medical expenses during his lifetime.

The critical illness health insurance policies differ from the normal health policy in many ways. They are very different as they offer better coverage and payout at a very high rate of premium. Most people opt for such policies when they are diagnosed with a critical disease which might cause their death. They claim for the major illnesses like heart attack, stroke, kidney or liver disease, cancer and diabetes. If you are diagnosed with any of these illnesses, you should go for this kind of policy immediately.

Before opting for a critical illness insurance policy, it is advisable to do some research. It is better to compare and contrast between two different critical illness plans. There are many different policies available in the market. Researching about the benefits, rates, co-pays and other related aspects will help you make the best decision. Many companies also have special offers and discounts if you sign a certain agreement. So, it is better to look for such options.

A critical care insurance policy has many benefits. It helps the policy-holder to access medical attention even if he is currently in hospital or cannot visit his home due to his illness. Some plans even cover all the expenses related to critical health illnesses like those associated with cancer treatments, surgery, dental treatments, physiotherapy, etc.

When you buy critical illness plans, you should ensure that you buy it from a reputed company. There are many companies which are offering cheap and affordable critical illness policies. But, only few of them pay their claims on time. To find a good company, you can consult your friends and relatives who have already purchased such health policies. You should check the total sum assured of the premium amount that you are required to pay every month towards the policy.

Some critical health insurance plans require you to make the first claim within a certain period of time after you become ill. The next claims become mandatory after a certain number of days. You should check with your provider whether the period of claim is fixed or not. The main benefit of critical illness insurance plans is that they help you pay the regular premiums without much fuss or stress.