In my opinion, the best music on the iPod is not necessarily exclusive to iTunes. You can use any MP3 player that will play the types of tracks that you’ll find in the iTunes store. But what if you really want the best music for your iPod? Don’t worry — you can still find it on the web. Here are some tips on where and how to get the best music for your iPod.

We all know that the free versions of most apps are terrible. They are clunky, don’t have a great interface, and the sound quality leaves something to be desired. That’s why you should avoid free apps if you’re strictly looking at music for your iPod. On the plus side, there are a lot of apps available on the free marketplace that are actually considered to be better than the stuff offered by the premium tiers of iTunes.

There are apps out there that cater specifically to people who like podcasts. These are great options because they let you listen to as many podcasts as you’d like and have them automatically downloaded into the background so that you don’t need to deal with searching for a podcast whenever you want to listen to one. Some of the apps include podcast news feed, podcast list, and even podcast audio player. I’ve used these apps on both my iPhone and my iPod Touch. My family plan with iTunes uses podcasts almost exclusively and these apps work perfectly.

If you need a service that can deliver only one type of track, you should stick with what’s offered by the paid tiers of Apple Music. Apple Music offers exclusive music deals that are much better than the ones offered by the other services. Apple has always been good at putting together highly functional services that keep users happy and coming back. That continued success is likely a reason that they continue to offer exclusive deals.

If you’re an aspiring DJ, then you should really consider using Apple’s own iDevices to stream music. The best thing about these devices is that they integrate well with a number of popular DJ software programs. For example, you can plug in your iPod or iPhone to the iDevices mixer and use the headphones to play tracks alongside your beats. You can also hook up your device to your computer and use it as a virtual turntable, which helps you create complex beat styles. All of this combined with Apple’s unparalleled sound quality means that you’ll be able to take your music making to the next level with iDevices.

SoundCloud is another great service that allows you to upload and share your own files with the world. Unfortunately, not all of the files you upload will be appropriate for listening to public. If your file is full of offensive content or language that could be offensive to some, you probably shouldn’t be uploading it to SoundCloud.

Finally, if you want to listen to music through your computer without burning audio files to disc, you need to check out Camstudio. This is a freeware program that converts audio files into usable video files that can be played through your computer. Like SoundCloud and iDisk, it’s free to upload your files and listen online. So if you have some audio files that you want to show off to the world, but you don’t want to burn them to disk, Camstudio could be the perfect solution.

Quality isn’t everything, however. You need to think about the bit-rate of the files you’re downloading. High-quality audio files are more likely to load quickly on your computer than lower quality ones, which makes streaming songs from independent music producers easier than ever. So if you’re looking for the best iPod download or iPhone app, pay special attention to the bit-rate. It can make the difference between listening to your song for hours, or waiting a few minutes before the song finishes loading.