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If you’re an opm music fan, you’ve probably already heard of ‘Pinoy Ako’, ‘Kung ‘Di Rin Lang Ikaw’, and ‘Maybe the Night.’ However, if you’re still not familiar with these songs, this article is for you! The following are some of my favorite opm songs! If you want to hear them, click the link below to listen to the full song!

‘Pinoy Ako’

One of the biggest OPM hits of the 2000s was Orange and Lemons’ “Pinoy Ako.” The song’s uplifting message was popular with young people and served as the theme song for the first season of the hit television show Pinoy Big Brother. The song was played on taxis, jeepneys, and offices, and was credited with catapulting the band into the top local music act. This has made it one of the most famous and well-received OPM songs of all time.

The song is performed by Toni Gonzaga. The song is part of the OPM Number 1’s Vol. 3: Movie Themes. It lasts for 4:02 minutes. To download the song, click the link below. It will be on your desktop in no time! Be sure to share it with friends and family. You’ll love the lyrics. A Pinoy Big Brother fan would never want to forget his favorite show and the music from it will make the show even more special!

Filipinos love music. Unlike other countries, Filipinos are proud of their country. They use expressions and words to show their emotions and celebrate. And of course, they love cockfighting! But this isn’t all. There are many other Filipino entertainment options out there. Take a look at some of our favorites! You’ll be glad you did. These songs will be great in any setting!

‘Kung ‘Di Rin Lang Ikaw’

December Avenue and Moira Dela Torre have recently released a video for their latest single, ‘Kung ‘Di Rin Lan Ikaw.’ The video follows the story of a nostalgic man as he remembers his past. Directed by Andrei Antonio, the video captures the essence of the power ballad and love lost. Be sure to share the music video only with the artists involved.

If you’ve been listening to ‘Di Rin Lang Ikaw,’ then you’re definitely in for a treat. The song features Moira Dela Torre and is a perfect example of the Filipino-language sound that’s making waves online. It’s available on iTunes, Spotify, Amazon, and other music stores. The song is also available on Tower of Doom’s official YouTube channel.

‘Maybe the Night’

One of the most popular OPM hits is ‘Maybe the Night’ by Ben&Ben, a Philippine indie-folk/pop band. The song received multiple nominations, including for favorite media soundtrack. It was featured on the official soundtrack of the Filipino movie Exes Baggage. A fan of the song, “Dinniebear,” tagged Ben&Ben on the social networking site Lysn. The fans of the band were excited to see the praise they received for their work. Some netizens even suggested that the two groups could collaborate with each other.


This love song, which has won many awards, has a romantic theme and is a classic example of opm. Moira dela Torre was married to Jason Marvin Hernandez, who inspired the lyrics of the song. During the shoot for the music video, Jason proposed to the singer. The song was nominated for three Awit Awards including Best Ballad Recording, Record of the Year, and People’s Choice Favorite Record. It was also awarded Favorite Mellow Video in the 2019 Myx Music Awards.

AJ Rafael sings the catchy “Tagpuan” in the Tagalog language. The song was released in 2018 and was composed by AJ Rafael. It has a duration of 3 minutes and thirteen seconds. The song can be listened to on the JioSaavn app. The album features songs written by various artists and performed by top local artists. The ‘Tagpuan’ opm song is available on the JioSaavn app.

In addition to the Grammy Award for Best Pop Song, ‘Tagpuan’ was also nominated for three MMY Awards. It won for Album of the Year, Song of the Year, and Best Music Video. It also won for Most Streamed Album and Recording. In addition to being nominated for three awards, the song also won Best Collaboration, featuring Nieman, a Filipino artist in Los Angeles.


The ‘Ayaw’ oPM songs are anthems for harassment survivors. The song features the powerful voice of Syd Hartha and striking lyrics. The message behind the lyrics is to seize the power that we have over ourselves. Listeners can identify with the message behind the songs and fight back by speaking up. Ayaw aims to help people find that power. Let’s look at what makes it an anthem for harassment survivors.

The ‘Ayaw’ OPM songs are a mix of genres and styles. The genre has its share of mainstream crossover appeal, which makes them appealing to a wide range of audiences. Many Filipinos identify with the lyrics, which make them popular worldwide. Ayaw songs are popular in the Philippines and are widely available in Tagalog. There is a large number of songs written for Filipinos, and many artists take pride in their roots.

‘Buwan’ won Song of the Year at the 2019 Myx Music Awards. It peaked at number one on the Myx Hit Chart and the Pinoy Myx Countdown. The song’s catchy high-tune chorus made it a top-grossing hit on YouTube and in other online platforms. This song was made famous by the movie ‘Kahit Ayaw Mo Na. It received hundreds of millions of YouTube views.


‘Sana’ is one of the most popular OPM songs today. It is sung by Jolina Magdangal. This song is part of the album Best of OPM Female Hits & Love Ballads. It is a song about unrequited love and the passing of time. It is a powerful song that is sure to make people cry. It is perfect for a funeral.

A popular OPM song, “Hanggang Sa Dulo ng Walang Hanggan,” was composed by Basil Valdez. The lyrics express a sense of enjoyment and hope for those who are mourning a loved one. In a time when tragedy strikes, this song is a reminder that two people can love each other until the end of time. ‘Sana’ is a powerful OPM song, and one that you won’t want to miss.

Other popular OPM songs are “Araw-Araw” and “Sana.” These are traditional funeral songs, but are available in English and Tagalog as well. The lyrics are written in the funeral’s native language. They are also popular as wedding songs in the Philippines. There are also wedding love songs in the country. The most popular Filipino songs include ‘Sana’ and ‘Pag-Ibig.’