John Mayers greatest songs were not just songs written for solo artists, they also appeared in collaboration with other artists, often including one or more of the major players from the 60’s. The list below includes all the artists he worked with and some of the themes they explored. This is a by-all-counts compilation. It should just contain lists of John Mayers solo songs or albums, and related topics about John Mayers music.

john mayer songs

This is a compilation of the best of John Mayers songs. It contains the top 20 songs that have achieved the greatest popularity in the world, including the original “Blue Moon of California”. Other songs included are “My Sweet Lord”, “Honey Bee” and “Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star”. Topic categories about John Mayers music in this book include alternative styles, rock songs, gospel and blues and pop songs. Topics on acoustic and classical music should also be included.

The first song on this list is “Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star” which became one of the most popular of all time. Its success was partially attributed to the fact that John Mayers hit single “Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star” was covered by The Yardbirds and is still one of the most recognizable pop songs ever. A second version of this track was recorded by The Who and became known as “There Lies A Boy”. A slightly remade version of this same song is still in popular use today.

This song is probably one of my favorites. It features two very notable guitarists that helped shape the sound of popular music; Robert Johnson and Junior Parker. The first single from this album reached number one on the adult contemporary chart. The song was originally called “My Old School”. It became notable when Berry moved it up to the top five with “ighters”. At the time, this was the only song Berry’s band didn’t play on mainstream radio.

My Old School can be considered a classic. This is the third single from The Who’s Tommy. The song is about a young woman who goes off to college and begins a new chapter in her life. As with many of the Who’s singles, the music video was created by the band’s roadie, though they were credited as producers. The song was a huge hit due to its dramatic way of portraying the narrator’s feelings towards leaving her old school and beginning anew. Following closely behind was the equally famous “The Best Laid Plans”.

“The Belly Dance” from Katy Perry’s” Witness” is easily her best known song and is the seventeenth most popular single on the chart. With an enormous amount of media coverage and a well produced accompanying music video, “The Belly Dance” quickly became a huge hit. Both versions of the song were featured on both the “Dancing with the Stars” and “American Idol” television shows. Although “The Belly Dance” didn’t make the top twenty on the adults list, it did become a huge worldwide hit.

Finally, “Love is in the air” from Eric Clapton’s “arium” is currently the second most popular and the second most played single on the adults list. For many reasons, “Love is in the air” is absolutely perfect for top ten lists. This is the first single from Clapton’s entire catalog of songs that has not been played on a mainstream adult contemporary chart. For someone who has never heard of the band, this makes the band’s catalog incredibly diverse and interesting.

The “Love is in the air” song from Eric Clapton’s “arium” easily fits into the top twenty most played and most popular songs on the adult contemporary charts. With a well-produced and performed lyric and instrumental, “Love is in the air” is a perfect song for an independent artist to chart their own high profile independent song. If “Love is in the air” could be played on the very first “American Idol” show, I’m sure that the radio station would have ratings like “Hottest New Artist” and “Wake up the Radio Show.”