Dhaka is the capital city of Bangladesh and is a bustling metropolis which are the second most populated city of Bangladesh after Dhaka itself. It is an amazing blend of tradition and modernity; it is also considered to be one of the safest cities in the world for tourists. There are plenty of things to do and see in Dhaka.

total dhamaal 2019

The second film in the Dhaka Movie Festival, the movie total Dhamaal is scheduled to hit the theaters on Tuesday, 22 feb2019… Directed by Shimit Amin, the film is about a happily married couple, Mansoor (actor Shimit Amin) and Sameer (IZ Ahmed), who have moved to Dhaka from the United States. The two have become lovers and when a social conference starts, it becomes evident that both men want to marry Sameer’s daughter Nemadeema. However, Nemadeema is not interested in marrying anyone from abroad and demands that her father to marry her or leave her.

With the help of friends in the film industry, the couple’s love gradually grows and they finally agree to marry. As they do, the celebration goes very well until a riot occurs. This leads to a series of events that unfold over the course of the next few days. At the end of it, we come to know that the couple has a son named Dilbar. The movie then takes us through the life of Dilbar and what lies ahead for him as he begins to grow up. In total Dhamaal 2019, we watch the young Dilbar going to school, getting scolded for his mistakes and then finally deciding to enter college.

The plot of the movie is a beautiful example of how family can bring a group of people together despite the distance and even the difference in culture. The parents of both Dilbar and his mother have strong opinions against the marriage. But their love for each other won’t let them see reason. When they finally get to meet each other and realize how much the other is loved, the celebration is a complete success. The total dhamaal movie then takes us on a journey of happiness as Dilbar grows up.

The directorial debut of Sharukh Khan has proven to be a box office hit after its successful release. Sharukh was directed by Pakistani cinema wonder-piece Mika Mehendi and starred in the lead role as Dilbar. The film was widely praised for the dazzling cinematography and the mesmerizing acting. It is one of the best Pakistani films ever made and is the talk of the town in the film industry world.

After taking the lead role, Mika Mehendi was no longer in the limelight and later on Ravi Teja was attached to the film. The total dhamaal of this movie became a flop because of the poor marketing and distribution. However, it did create a legacy for the upcoming Pakistani cinema. Two years later we have another amazing movie that was directed by Iqra Sherwani called ‘Shodhdhan’. In this movie too Mika Mehendi plays the lead role as Dilbar.

Iqra Sherwani did an amazing job in this movie and proved that she is a great actress. This movie was no doubt a box office hit and became the second most successful movie of all time in Pakistan and India. Nowadays, the title of the movie becomes ‘Total Dhamaal’ when it comes to the titles of every movie made by the two famous directors. Iqra Sherwani’s ‘Total Dhamaal’ movie became the template for all future movies directed by her and many other talented actresses have followed in her footsteps.

Iqra Sherwani’s ‘Total Dhamaal’ was an amazing movie that managed to win three national awards at the time of its release. It was a great success and everyone who saw it felt the passion and the grief that a woman brings with her. It was a classy movie that took us into the lives of two women whose love for each other would burst like bursting balloons. It is definitely a movie that every Pakistani should see at least once in his lifetime.