The movie called Total Dhamaal is based on the life of Dhamaal, a nomadic tribesman from Northern India. Dhamaal goes on a journey, which involves him crossing many terrains and encountering various cultures. Along the way, he also suffers an injury. This movie is directed by Shimit Amin and features Hrithik Roshan as the main protagonist.

The movie is not for the faint of heart. The term ‘total’ in the title may cause some people to feel scared, but this is a movie for everyone. In fact, even the people who are afraid of archery will find this movie appealing. In fact, the movie is so successful that it is one of the highest grossing documentaries ever released in India! It has been viewed by people from all over the world too.

The plot of the movie is simple. There is a war going on between two countries, the Dravidian kingdom of South India and the Muslim kingdom of Pakistan in the sub-continent. Dhamaal, a leader of the Dravidian kingdom, is forced to move his family to Pakistan after the war. He plans to marry his daughter away from her homeland and continue farming, but when he comes back, his bride’s family is suspicious of him and wants him dead.

The movie starts with the story of Dhamaal, a good hunter, who has a green thumb. He never misses a target and always brings home his prey. One day, while hunting, he came across a mysterious girl named Prem Chopra. He wants to marry her, but she is not interested in marrying a foreigner, like most of his tribe members do.

So, he takes her with him, on a mission to find a boy called Nizhimal, who is said to be the father of one of theirs in the kingdom. They go to Nizhimal’s cave, where they find a magical archer called Shappoori. The three proceed further into the forest, where they meet Girish, who is an archer in training. When Girish learns that Nizhimal is an archer, he offers to help them, which earns him his first prize.

Soon after, Girish joins up with a band of thieves called the Golden Circle, who pursues Dhamaal and Nizhimal. They soon corner both of them, and Nizhimal manages to shoot and kill Girish. He then flees, and both of them are apprehended by the police. From there, the movie follows the couple’s plight, while they are taken to jail and sent to prison.

During this time, a mysterious and powerful wizard named Chitra enters the prison, where he tries to convert Dhamaal and Nizhimal. However, they manage to flee to a hill station, where Chitra has them gather their weapons so that they can fight off Chitra. Eventually, the two of them manage to convert Chitra, who takes them as his thralls. After a brief struggle, Chitra allows them to escape, and they ultimately escape to the mainland.

Overall, Total Dhamaal is based on the ancient legend of Arjuna and Subhadra, along with some Indian mythology. This movie follows their journey from the forest of Dhamaal to the court of King Subhadra. This movie is a great action-adventure and is one of the best Indian movies ever made! Hopefully, more Indian films will follow in the future…

The story and plot of the movie is exciting. The movie is directed by Sanjay Leela Bhansali, who is best known for his movie “Shodh”. “Total Dhamaal” has a lot in common with other Bhansali movies, such as “Chak De! “.

The movie consists mainly of a series of shots inside the jail where the two main characters are kept. There are many hilarious moments, including an archery competition between the two jailbirds. The acting in the movie is very good, especially Anushka Shetty and Duleep Singh. Overall, the movie is worth your time, even if it does not contain much in the way of plot. The story is entertaining, and I always find it a thrill to watch movies like these!

The animation quality of the movie is very good. The fighting scenes are choreographed well, and there are many close-ups of the weaponry used in the film. Overall, the film is a fun one, that I would definitely recommend. I would make a point to see the makers’ cut of the film, as it will add a great deal of content. Overall, this is another fine Hindi film that I would thoroughly enjoy.