Matt Goolsby is the current President and Co-founder of the United Life Insurance Company (ULIC), which is one of the largest life insurance companies in Kansas. Currently, ULIC is a division of Allstate Insurance. Goolsby has had the long experience in the insurance industry that allows him to understand the needs of policyholders more than most agents. He is a strong believer in the combination of technology and insurance in creating better services and solutions for policyholders.

united life insurance company

Matt Goolsby is a Certified Health Insurance Specialist (CHIS) with the American Association of Professional Life Insurance Agents (AAPIA). He has served as a CHIS for the last five years and is dedicated to providing innovative solutions and quality products to policyholders. This award is presented annually by United Life Insurance to an individual agent who has shown strong financial leadership, strong business sense, solid financial management, a commitment to customer service and a passion for the annuity industry. Matt serves on the board of directors of The Life Insuring Society.

President and co-founder Matt Goolsby started United Life in reaction to the lack of available health insurance for retired persons. As a result, the company has now expanded into areas such as the middle market and the “guerilla market” of insurance agents who are independent or do not work for a major life insurance company. One example is C. Mattress, a retired Air Force fighter pilot, who started his company with two other retired pilots and one mortgage broker in 1997. It has grown into one of the fastest growing corporations in the annuity field today.

What is it that makes United Life Insurance Company, dedicated to providing quality products and personal service to its clients, different from other insurance companies? United is committed to building a better future for people of all ages. It does this through a number of strategies including but not limited to: providing a wealth of knowledge, tailored to each customer’s needs; providing a superior rating system, with respect to cost and performance data available; and assisting our members with questions and concerns they might have. Its mission is to help make your future and the future of your family’s future a little less uncertain. By doing so, it ensures that people are able to plan their estates so that they can leave a legacy for their children.

The company is committed to helping individuals achieve financial security. In addition to providing a wealth of information about different annuities, direct sales, investment options, investments, and life insurance, United life insurance provides services like retirement planning, investment plans, estate planning, and the financing of annuities. In short, the company helps people manage their financial affairs in order to ensure that they reach their goals and stay secure.

In addition to offering superior rates and policies, United life insurance also offers many other services and products. There are a lot of insurance companies that offer high commissions and low payouts. What makes United’s annuity company, dedicated to providing quality products and personal service to its clients, different from those of other annuities is that the company does not charge a fee for an initial term. People who purchase policies from this trust are able to pay these premiums on a monthly basis. This way, they are assured that they will receive a pay-out in case of death, regardless of how old they are when they die.

This is done in accordance with state laws, so that it is in compliance with every state’s laws. As such, the annuity products that are offered by this trust are absolutely nonpublic personal information, and cannot be sold to non-profit organizations or for advertising purposes. The insurance products also come with a variety of different benefits, including flexibility in choosing what type of policy best suits an individual’s financial strength, lifestyle and goals.

The firm also offers principal products and long-term care insurance riders that are especially designed to meet the needs of those with long-term illnesses. In fact, the firm has been making sure that these two insurance products, along with other insurance products of their own, are able to stand the test of time because of their solid reputation. Therefore, it goes without saying that it is important to invest in United Life policies, because they offer a solid reputation that will never waver, even under the toughest of conditions.