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Kung Fu is one of the more popular styles of fighting and with the release of the Kung Fu Kid 2 movie it seems that the demand for more movies by this series will continue to grow. Release date: 11 May 2021. The Karate Kid 2 and The Karate Kid 1 release on Blu-ray for a collector sates boxed set. Bonus features include:

Theatrical Release: Theatrical version of Kung Fu Kid 2 has a running time of two hours twenty minutes. It is directed by Jackie Earle Haley and starring Halle Berry, Emmannuel Chriqi, Dan Butler, Christopher Walken, and Diego Luna. The plot of the movie concerns a young boy who travels back in time to retrieve his father’s kung fu techniques. He also travels to Shanghai where the karate world is thriving and he meets his karate master, Mojo. Mojo is played by Younger Huxley who is supposed to be the younger version of Mojo himself from the first film. The movie is directed by Mike de Leon and written by Erickson K. Smith.

Video Release: The movie can be purchased on video by renting. The DVD is provided at no extra charge. The video transfer appears excellent and does not suffer from any scratches or banding. For those who own the original film, there is a bonus feature disc that includes the making of the karate kid 2, an audio commentary by director and screenwriter, and a short story by Christopher Walken.

Downloadable Content: There are several options for obtaining content for the Karate Kid 2 sequel. The first is to purchase the DVD and obtain all of the available content (there’s a couple of things left over from the first film). For about $50 US, consumers can get access to the complete version of the movie as well as the two part movie clip collection “The Art Of Karate Kid 2: Wrath of Heaven”. This collection offers extra deleted scenes, alternate endings, and a production designer’s cut. Other options include buying the two movies individually which will set you back just over 50 dollars each.

Video Game: A few years back, the game console Nintendo Wii was released to the market. With a ton of new games, the Wii became extremely popular and quickly became the most sold home gaming console. The release of the Karate Kid 2 sequel on the Nintendo Wii port dates back to when the first movie was released. A release of the second movie would be highly beneficial to the karate kid 2 sequel because of the huge fan base that already exists. Many children want to play the game and this could turn out to be a great opportunity to make that happen.

DVD Release: The first part of the sequel has been released in the United States and a release in Canada should be coming up shortly as well. Once again, it would be beneficial to have the DVD release of the film along with the purchase of the DVD for the perfect chance to view the movie on the big screen. Many people love watching the movie from the DVD, but if they never got to see it on the big screen, now they have the opportunity to do so.

Video Game: While many people like to think that the sequel to karate kid 2 is going to be exactly like the original film, nothing could be further from the truth. The new game that is being developed by EA is completely different from what we saw in the original movie. That is because it is still being developed as an Xbox Live Arcade title. The game is in early stages right now, but considering the quality of the game and the reception it’s receiving, we can expect a lot more from this game as time goes on.

The new characters in the sequel are as follows:

Overall, this is a pretty good looking kid sequel that is sure to excite fans of the original film as well as provide some new elements to the fan base. The new characters will definitely add some spice to the story and the game play as well. With an excellent story and some very cool new features, it looks like the next installment of Dan Marcus’ Karate Kid franchise is on the way. It’s looking good for the future of the franchise.