weathering with you

In this film, the hapless Hina and resourceful Hodaka work as a power duo, selling Hina’s gifts and buying Hina’s stuff. Hina also comes with her little brother, Nagi, who is an excellent ladies’ man and hasn’t even hit his second decade. When the film turns into an action movie, though, his success with girls in braids will come in handy.

Movie review of Makoto Shinkai’s new anime

In this movie review, I’ll focus on the beautiful visuals and the characters, rather than the plot. The director, who is renowned for making jaw-dropping anime films, doesn’t skimp on the animation budget here. Suzume, with its beautifully rendered sunlight reflections and animate chair, is an incredible piece of work. While the film’s visuals are absolutely breathtaking, the film’s strange elements are also a bit strange – a white cat and an animate chair – that raise more questions than answers.

Cinematically stunning, Shinkai’s films are a true joy to watch. They balance intense emotion with beautiful animation, and the storytelling is impeccable. One of the best scenes is the fantasy sequence in which Taki and Mitsuha meet, which shows the movie’s stunning blend of impressionistic grandeur and grounded emotion. It’s a definite delight for fans of Shinkai’s work.

A new director, Makoto Shinkai, has made a good debut. The filmmaker only directed one short film – Voices of a Distant Star – before he made his name. That film, which was unheard of in Japan at the time, made him a star and earned him a full studio to work on his next film. This time, he didn’t just make a film; he took a long time to develop the story and the characters.

While “Your Name” is an affecting tale of love, “Weathering With You” is a more somber and thoughtful film about growing up and losing a parent. Though the themes and characters are similar, the film is more melancholic in tone, with issues like being orphaned, sex work, and gun violence. Shinkai’s films are full of heart and soul, and a movie review of Makoto Shinkai’s new anime will help you decide if it’s worth your time.

“Your Name” is a remarkably moving anime. Shinkai’s trademark directing style is unique, with a focus on the inner thoughts of the characters and the emotions they feel. It’s not a masterpiece, but it’s a worthy entry in Shinkai’s list of impressive films. Shinkai’s latest anime is a good choice for fans of the genre and of film nerds.


While Your Name had a very generic plot, Shinkai managed to weave a warning about global warming into a magical teen drama. This style of storytelling is particularly strong in Shinkai films, which often make use of wide-angle detailed setting shots and droplets of water. The movie, however, does not focus on character development as it does in Your Name, and instead is more focused on building the world. This translates to a more realistic tone in Weathering With You, which is a welcome return to the realistic Shinkai style of storytelling.

Shinkai has a long history of making anime films, including Your Name, Children Who Chase Lost Voices, and The Garden of Words. This translates into a remarkably mature approach to his new film. In Weathering With You, he has taken the youthful love story of his debut Your Name and shaped it into a spiritual successor. However, his approach is based on a different kind of love story than what many viewers will be expecting.

Taki, a lingering presence throughout Your Name, offers his romantic advice to Hodaka when he is about to buy Hina a ring. Taki works at a jewelry store, where Hodaka goes to purchase a ring. Shinkai also uses an Easter egg to tie together the stories of his previous films. In addition to Easter eggs, Taki’s story also includes a character from The Garden of Words.

Aside from Shinkai’s spiritual and metaphorical stance on climate change, Weathering With You is a compelling, moving film for its strong cast and message. The voices of the main characters are great, and the story will be enjoyable for even the most reluctant fans. Even the characters have moments when they must deal with their inner demons. So, even if you’re not a climate change activist, Weathering With You will definitely have something to say for you.

The animation is absolutely superb in Weathering With You, a delightful and highly engaging anime. Anime is known for its beautiful visual presentation, and Weathering With You is no exception. The animation style is beautifully detailed and the director worked with Masayoshi Tanaka to create each character. The smallest detail is often the most interesting. You’ll find yourself laughing or crying as the characters navigate the rocky road ahead.


This romantic comedy follows a man named Hodaka as he tries to make a new life in Tokyo. Along the way, he meets a girl named Hina who reveals that she is a “sunshine girl” and is able to control the weather. The two become close and become best friends. Though the movie has a heartwarming storyline, its main flaw is its failure to balance the supernatural weather story with the central romance.

The film’s atmosphere is more emotive than apocalyptic, but it does have its share of scientific and environmental messages. The dreadful consequences of climate change are woven into the storyline, as the inhabitants of Tokyo are faced with the devastating effects of unending torrential rain. The film also explores the role that climate change plays in the future of humankind. This futuristic film has a very real message that we must take heed of.

Shinkai uses climate cycles to convey the dreaded message of a global warming scenario. The Earth’s climate cycles are said to last thousands and millions of years, but recorded human history does not recognize these cycles as natural phenomena. As a result, this film loses much of its power as a love story set against the backdrop of environmental collapse. Nevertheless, it manages to establish a distinct place in Shinkai’s body of work, and stands up well as his most challenging work to date.

In addition to its storyline, the film has an outstanding visual style. Shinkai is renowned for his attention to detail and has managed to make even the most ordinary locations in Tokyo look breathtaking. The film is also a brilliant example of juxtaposition between the beautiful and the commonplace. Its visual style makes this film a masterpiece, and it’s easy to see why so many critics adore it. Although the storyline isn’t as gripping as its predecessor, it does evoke the anxieties of a generation.

Aside from its plot, “Weathering With You” also builds its characters’ relationships. Through their interactions, we learn about their personalities and relationships, and we see them as unique and interconnected. We learn that Hodaka’s character, Hina, once ran away from home as a child, took in the homeless Hodaka. As a result, the characters recognize pieces of themselves in each other.


The visuals in Makoto Shinkai’s latest anime feature, Weathering With You, rival even the finest Studio Ghibli works. The attention to detail in the animation is staggering and you can even spot individual crimp marks on squeeze-tube toiletries! There are even photorealistic rust streaks on metal signs, and the characters and background art in Weathering With You are beautifully rendered. The result is an anime experience that evokes feelings and emotions on a deep, meaningful level.

The story of Weathering With You follows the same protagonist, Keisuke, and is set in a Tokyo suburb covered in rain. Keisuke, a former teacher who works as a live-in employee in a bookstore, is a successful writer and researcher who comes across urban legends and saves Hodaka. The two begin an unlikely relationship, but soon realize that they’re more alike than they are different.

While Weathering With You follows the fates of two people, the movie’s visuals are a testament to its director’s talent for creating beautiful, emotional scenes. The film’s soundtrack is lush and distinct, and on par with the best film scores of the year. But it also features J-Pop songs, which make it feel as though the movie is infested with a burgeoning genre. While it’s true that Weathering With You doesn’t make a ton of sense when analyzed, it’s a visually spectacular experience that will keep you coming back for more.

The film’s music is equally striking, with its lush, evocative sound design and natural voice acting. The film’s characters are so animated that you barely notice the actors. The soundtrack, composed by RADWIMPS, is particularly excellent and sets the mood in the film. Whether the scenes are a tense climax or a tense chase scene, the music is an essential part of the experience.

The story is a warm and spiritual one, and the film’s Japanese roots make it more suited to this culture than any other country. While it channels our fears about climate change, Shinkai makes the story seem even warmer. The “sunshine girl” powers, for example, draw on Japanese culture’s affinity for youthful energy and good cheer. Hina isn’t alone, though, because people are willing to pay for the ability to manipulate the weather.