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What Are the Best Hip Hop Songs For Next Year?

We are eagerly waiting for the release of the new hip hop songs for the next year, the Top Hip Hop Songs for the coming 2021. With the sudden popularity of rappers like Kanye West and Chance the Rapper, who have released hit singles in the past, we can safely say that the trend is here to stay. Rapper Chief Keef was the pioneer in bringing out major crossover hits with his song “Award Walls”. But where do the next generation of rap talents fit in? It’s looking great for Tyga, Wale and Ballz to make their mark on the charts.

The upcoming Top Hip Hop Songs for the coming 2021 will be produced by the well-known producer, DJ Tee and his team of producers from Los Angeles. They already have one hit to their credit, featuring Lil Wayne and 50 cents, which came as part of their “Come On You Sucker” memento from their recent album Everything Rihanna. This is a party mix that will have your feet moving and your hands dancing. I’m pretty sure that Lil Wayne and 50 Cent are hoping to make a few records that they can top themselves with a little bit of Afrobeat thrown in for good measure. This is a party song that will be a staple for any birthday or major event that will be held in the near future.

Another new hip-hop tune that is expected to be a hit is the DJ Premier and Tyga’s “This is a Club Banger”. This song was produced by the well-known DJ Premier and Tyga and features both artists at their full reggaeton style. A reggaeton mix that will get everyone up and going and maybe even throw a few bottles of Cerveza in their faces. “This is a Club Banger” is expected to be a major single for this summer. Don’t count out Tyga and Premier though, as they have made past records with artists like Kanye West, Lil Kim and Elle Macpherson.

The next single, we will be seeing on the charts is “Look at Me Now”, by Burna. The lead vocalist from Cee-Lo is expected to top the charts once again with this release. This track was previously released as a free download on iTunes. It features guest spots by Theophilus Envy and Zaytoven. This song just might be the voice of the future.

The next single from Benzino and Shelly Burch, Naira and Iman, is called “Love Actually”. This song was not even available for iTunes when this article was written. It will be available shortly, so keep an eye out. Naira and Iman are both expected to top the chart this year.

Finally we have the third song we are going to play, which is called “Burn” by Theophilus Economides and featuring Zaytoven. This song also featured on the recent “Forever You Been”, produced by Eminem. This song should reach the top ten this year.

This is only a partial list of rappers that are expected to release top ten singles in the next year. The full list will be released soon. For now, these are the people you can expect to see on the chart. These artists have proven over time that they can still produce quality music despite the changes that have been made to the industry.

Hip Hop listeners are still getting music from the best regardless of whether it’s a man or a woman. Hopefully, we will continue to see hip hop at its best and new talent to emerge and take over the world. Let’s all wait until we see the next generation of DJs who will bring us the new generation of hip hop.