advantage insurance

What Your Car Insurance Company May Offer You

What is Advantage Insurance? Advantage insurance was developed in California to provide motorists with the peace of mind they need in the event that they are involved in a car accident. Why should you have Advantage Insurance? The answer to this question really comes down to your own personal situation. If you are someone who drives on a regular basis or even just once a year, you may be able to use Advantage Insurance to protect yourself from high bills. Whether it is an auto accident or a minor fender bender, you can be sure that your insurance premiums will skyrocket without this coverage.

What is Advantage Insurance? Advantage Insurance is a specialized form of insurance coverage that gives you peace of mind with a built in protection against certain risks that often come along when driving. The basic premise behind Advantage Insurance is that the more coverage you have, the less money you will have to spend out of pocket for your car repairs and medical bills. There are different levels of coverage, and you will be required by your insurance company to choose one that suits you best. Some of the most common types of Advantage Insurance are:

Roadside Assistance: Roadside assistance is an added service provided by many insurance companies. When you have an accident or a fender bender on the freeway, you can call your roadside assistance service and they will tow your car to your house or another location. Usually, roadside assistance is included free of charge with insurance, but it may be an option that you have to purchase. For additional information, contact your car insurance provider or visit their website.

Medical Payments: If you need to go to the emergency room or the doctor’s office because of an accident or illness, your insurance company may pay your medical bills. Usually, this type of coverage is only offered to selected families or to certain professions. Contact your insurance provider to find out if this is the case for your plan. You may also want to consider adding a prescription drug plan to your medical plan to cover any prescriptions that you may take. Make sure you understand the coverage limits for any of these options.

Legal Coverage: If you have legal problems that require you to seek legal advice or represent yourself in court, you should consider adding a legal coverage to your policy. Generally, legal coverage comes at a minimal cost. Contact your company to find out exactly what is offered for this type of coverage. To learn more about the legal process, register for a class.

Loss Damage Restoration/Repair: If your vehicle has been damaged in a windstorm or a flood, this type of coverage may be the right choice for you. Sometimes your insurance provider offers a loss damage restoration/repair plan. If you have a good insurance rating and you own a new vehicle, you may qualify for this discount. Call your company to find out if this is the case.

Business Liability: Certain businesses are required to carry insurance coverage. Check with your provider to find out what is available. If you belong to a bar, you may want to check into liability insurance. If you have employees, you need health and accident benefits. Find out if you can add all of these to your general insurance plan to save money.

Advantage insurance isn’t the only thing your car insurance company will offer you. Before you purchase a policy, make sure you understand the different types of coverage offered. Most importantly, be sure your company offers you a good rate. Remember, it is the price you pay that makes the difference in whether you can afford comprehensive or collision coverage, and what deductible you will have.