The Back to the Future II is one of the better known Michael J Fox movies. It stars Tim Burton as a young man who accidentally falls into the year 2021, and thus into the future. In this film, we learn that he ends up in Chicago, in the city of Boothbay, where he works for a firm that makes clippings from old microcomputers. His employers are being threatened by a group of terrorists called the Triad.

back to the future

So, Michael J Fox goes back in time to find that the evil group has been wreaking havoc with the future and try to stop them. He also gets a time machine, which he uses to travel back to the beginning of the year. During this trip, he meets with Jennifer Flowers, played by Catherine Zeta-Jones. This part of the movie is well worth the time spent watching it.

Two years later, in Part III, we see that Michael J Fox is now working on a project for Disney. This movie, called The Fantastic Four, is set in 20th century America, in the place where the first movie (The Fantastic Four) took place. And we also find out that he is producing a TV show for ABC. This is the third installment of the trilogy. But there’s still no sign of the four films in the future, so why don’t we talk about the first movie, The Fantastic Four, and about the possible future of those movies?

In The Fantastic Four, Michael J Fox plays Johnny Storm, a boy who lives in the town of Postmaster General Benjamin Stonworth’s hometown. The first movie (The Fantastic Four) saw Fox playing young Johnny in a wheelchair, so it was natural for him to star as an adult in The Fantastic Four II. He does an excellent job of reprising his role, and Jones provides great comic relief as the evil alter ego of Dr. Susan Strong. It’s a simple, but effective change.

In The Fantastic Four II, Johnny Storm’s father has died, and Johnny has been shunned socially by his classmates. He later finds out that his mother’s boyfriend, a science specialist named Ramse, is a secret government agent. In fact, he’s been undercover since childhood and has several connections to the 1960s world. Between his knowledge of the past and his scientific skills, Ramse ends up being the key to save the world. Everything goes according to plan, but when Johnny gets captured by the evil schemes of Doctor Doom, his friends must rely on his unique psychic abilities to help them to bring him back before Doctor Doom can destroy the world.

As a result, we have three more sequels to come, namely The Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer, The Fantastic Four: Children of the Atom, and finally The Fantastic Four: Time Wars. All of these nicely to the previous movies, and fans of either movie will likely appreciate the connection. Even the newcomers have their own spin on the team names, which makes for great viewing.

The Fox character, Biff, was revealed to be the son of an escaped circus performer, and to this day he remains an enigma. Originally, Biff was thought to be the younger brother of Fox’s older sister, Fox. However, as time progressed, it was revealed that Biff was actually born some three hundred years ago, and was the younger brother of an Egyptian princess, named Rhea. Because of this, Biff also developed an obsession for the princess, whom he referred to as “the Fox”. At one point in the timeline, Biff went missing and was presumed dead, until his mysterious resurrection at the end of The Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer.

In the last installment, Hill Valley was devastated by the Skrulls, and the movie ended with the two sequels being forced to work together. For this reason, we know that Biff and Rhea are to reunite, and the two are to raise a child called Zebin. The only big question left is when we’ll find out who gets custody of Zebin.