frank edwards

Founder of Rocktown Records, Frank Ugochukwu Edwards is a Nigerian afro-highlife praise singer and songwriter. His music has been praised by many critics and fans around the world.


Having started his career in music at a young age, Nigerian gospel artist Frank Edwards is one of the most influential gospel artists in Africa. In addition to being a singer, Frank is also a producer and the CEO of his own record label. He is credited for the success of numerous gospel artists in the country and abroad.

Frank Edwards was born in Enugu State, Nigeria, on July 22, 1989. He was the third of seven children. His parents struggled to earn a living and hawked food items on the streets to supplement their income. While attending school, he grew to be interested in music.

When he was a teenager, he became a born-again Christian. His father, a pianist, taught him how to play the piano. He then joined the church choir and began to sing. Later, his pastor asked him to sing in the church service.

Although his family was poor, his mother bought him musical instruments. He also learnt how to mix music. He later started his own record label and has signed several talented gospel artists. The record label is home to artists such as David, Nkay, Divine, and King BAS.

The founder of Rocktown Records, Frank has been working with some of the leading gospel artists in the country and abroad. He has worked with artists like Sinach, Nathaniel Bassey, Don Moen, Joe Praiz, Eben, Soltune, and Chidinma Ekile. He continues to release God-inspired music. His latest album, Frankincense, featured Micah Stampley and Nathaniel Bassey. It debuted at number one on the Nigerian iTunes album chart. It also topped the iTunes chart of Nigerian artists.

Frank Edwards is an active member of Christ Embassy Church. He is also a member of Love World Music Ministry.

Early life

Originally, Frank Edwards’ dreams were to become a pilot for a big airline. Fortunately, his mother helped him to buy his first set of musical instruments, so he could pursue his passion for music. This set of instruments paved the way for his growth as a musician. He learned to play piano, guitar, and other instruments. Eventually, he became a professional singer.

As a child, Frank Edwards was a child hawker, selling food items on the streets of Enugu. He also helped his mother to cook Okpa, a local breakfast pudding, on firewood. He would always go with her during school breaks. He had to rub his eyes constantly due to the smoke from the firewood.

When he was a teenager, Frank began to give his life to Christ. He attended the Christ Embassy church, and began to study music. He later joined the choir and learned how to mix and produce music. He also became a keyboardist for the church. He has collaborated with many gospel artists in the country. He is the founder of the record label, Rocktown Records. He has released six albums.

While attending the Christ Embassy church, Frank Edwards met a gospel artist, Sinach. This was when he discovered his own singing talent. He started writing and recording his own songs. He eventually received studio equipment so he could be a professional singer.

Despite his early ambitions, Frank Edwards has never been married. He has worked with many national and international gospel artists. His songs are a mixture of fuji, pop, and rock. His first album was called “The Definition.” It featured 14 tracks. He has also worked with Don Meon and Nathaniel Bassey.

Music career

During his teenage years, Frank Edwards, a contemporary gospel singer from Enugu State, Nigeria, gave his life to Jesus Christ. He is one of the most famous gospel musicians in the country. His songs are played in homes and churches throughout the world. His talent has earned him several awards, including a cash prize of $10,000 at the LoveWorld Awards in 2012.

Frank’s career began as a painter, but he later switched to singing and joined a church choir. His mother saved up to buy him studio equipment. He later became the church’s keyboardist and also participated in choir presentations at other churches. He credits Pastor Chris Oyakhilome, the head of the Believers LoveWorld Inc. and the Christ Embassy Church, as his mentor.

Frank’s first album was called The Definition, and it featured 14 tracks. It was produced in Nashville, Tennessee, USA. He collaborated with Don Moen, a famous American gospel artist. He also worked with Sinach, another well-known gospel singer.

Frank has released seven studio albums. His newest album, Frankincense, features Nathaniel Bassey and Micah Stampley. It was topped the iTunes chart in hours after its release. He has also signed several other gospel artists to his label.

In 2011, Frank released his third studio album titled Unlimited. He also worked with Sinach on a track on this album. He is the owner of a record label, Rocktown Records. He has released many EPs as well. In 2012, he won the Hit Song of the Year award at the LoveWorld Awards. He also won three nominations at the Nigerian Gospel Music Awards. He has also performed on the largest stages in the world.

Currently, Frank Edwards is part of the Christ Embassy Church’s presidential band. He continues to release God-inspired singles.


Among the famous gospel musicians of our time is Frank Edwards. The singer is known for his signature high-pitched voice. He has also won several awards. He is a member of the Christ Embassy church and the CEO of the music label Rocktown Records. He is also a writer and producer.

Frank Edwards was born on July 22, 1989 in Enugu state, Nigeria. His parents were poor and they lived in a small family with seven children. He grew up in an environment that was full of hawking. He worked odd jobs to raise money for his family. Eventually, his mother bought him a set of musical instruments. This gave him the opportunity to develop his talent as a musician.

He joined the church choir at an early age and eventually became a keyboardist. He studied guitar in his teenage years. He subsequently accepted Jesus as his savior. After becoming a Christian, he began to sing. He was a member of the presidential band of Pastor Chris Oyakhilome’s Christ Embassy Church. He has recorded six albums and has produced hit singles. He has collaborated with Nathaniel Bassey, Jeanine Zoe and Don Moen. He has released a spiritual album called Spiritual Music Season in 2018.

His debut album was The Definition in 2008. His second album was called Unlimited and his third album was called Angels on the Runaway. His latest album is Frankincense. He has won three nominations at the Nigerian Gospel Music Awards. His latest album topped the iTunes’ album chart in the country.

He is active on social media platforms. He uses them to evangelize his fans. His Instagram handle is @frankrichboy.

He is unmarried. He has a net worth of about N250 million naira.


Currently, Frank Edwards is single and looking for love. However, he does not disclose his relationship status to the public. This means, there is no way of knowing for sure.

Nevertheless, Frank Edwards is not without his share of fans. He is considered to be a highly successful gospel musician in Nigeria. He has released a few hit singles in his career. His latest album, Billion Dollar Baby, was released on October 2nd, 2022. In addition to his philanthropic endeavors, he is also a businessman. He has his own management company, Rocktown Records. He has also been linked to a few women.

There are rumors that Frank Edwards has a long-term relationship with a certain Pastor Chris Oyakhilome’s daughter. This is in addition to the rumoured romance with his former girlfriend, Chisom.

However, Frank Edwards has not been able to put an end to these rumours. In fact, he has come up with his own response to the latest engagement rumours. He has gotten a lot of buzz from the news. He has said he would not be rushing into marriage. He is waiting for God’s appointed time.

He has also been spotted with Pastor Chris Oyakhilome’s first daughter, Sharon, on several occasions. While they have not yet confirmed their relationship, they have been spotted together on various occasions. They have even tagged each other on social media.

He has also thrown his hat into the ring as a songwriter. He is part of the Christ Embassy music band. He has received the AFRIMMA artist of the year award four times.

Aside from being a songwriter, he is also a singer. He has released six albums in his career.