“The Day I Swapped My Dad’s Car” is the latest addition to the long list of blockbuster movie releases that are dominating box office results for weeks on end. Starring Tom Cruise, Katie Holmes and Brad Pitt, this film is sure to be a big hit with both parents and kids this Thanksgiving weekend. With a script that is lighthearted but filled with lots of humor, the film brings back memories for many people of yesterday and the days just before we were born. Many movies have tried to do this over the years but few have succeeded in creating the same kind of impact as “The Day I Swapped My Dad’s Car.” This comedy makes a great family watch and also provides a great opportunity for young viewers to learn a little history about their parents and some of the memorable events that transpired during their childhood.

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The plot revolves around a father (Tom Cruise) who is desperately trying to sell his own car so that he can buy a new one. He buys a car that has just been introduced to the public when he notices a certain advertising campaign on television. The ad shows a young boy driving a new car that has just been sold yesterday and with the tag line “This is your dad’s car!”

While the car has just been released into the public yesterday, it seems like it just came off the truck yesterday. The man who is selling it is less than enthusiastic about giving it back to its former owner. When he realizes what he’s done, he runs out of gas in the middle of nowhere. He has no choice but to hitchhike back to his truck in order to get help. He is unaware of the fact that a man named Bob is out in the country looking for someone like him. Will this man come back with the car or will he just walk away?

One of the most interesting messages in this movie is the lesson that life imitates art. The very things that are being auctioned off on the “day of yesterday” are the very things that people have been denying in their lives until today. People are buying cars and selling them for outrageous profits just because yesterday they saw something that reminded them of the past. Now their lives are intertwined with the day-to-day happenings of yesterday.

We are all connected to yesterday. We live in its time frame. We learn the lessons of our ancestors tried to teach us in the past. The movies are a great way to reconnect to yesterday. Just as the truck driver was connecting his truck to the yesterday he happened to see, so too are we connecting our lives to our ancestors’ lives and then to the timelessness of the movie yesterday.

This is why watching yesterday movies is a reminder of our ancestors’ lives. It reminds us how to live better lives today. It also reminds us that our lives can’t be changed just by washing our hands and putting on our seat covers. If we want to connect to yesterday, then we have to go back to yesterday.

Watching a documentary about yesterday, even if it’s about the Civil War, is a good time to reflect on our lives. We can see ourselves in the movies and appreciate all that was and that we still are. We can watch old footage of ourselves from our grandparents and even our parents’ days.

There are many great movies about yesterday. Some are for children. Some are made for adults. But none is more fitting to reconnect with our past than Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Day After Tomorrow. For a good time, sit back and watch the movie.