Beyonce’s latest album is Lemonade: An Official Movie Soundtrack. I have to say, I was a bit apprehensive when it arrived on my doorstep. I knew that it would be a huge commercial flop, but would the hype to live up to expectation? Would Lemonade be a smash and therefore a huge commercial flop? Judging by the critical and public reviews of Lemonade, it did quite well. Sold off quickly online and on the street (on eBay at least), the next question is, what’s in store for the new album?

beyonce new album

First of all, Lemonade was a collaboration between Beyonce and her mother Tina Knowles. The record label that made the album was her mother’s label but everything else was done by Beyonce and her producers. So this new album is a loose sequel to the original Lemonade album, just with different cover art, different songs and different production values. This is the new image for Beyonce as she is slowly expanding her musical tastes from her family/business roots to more eclectic music.

On the subject of influences, I feel like Lemonade was influenced mostly by the new wave artists of the late 90s. Artists like Kanye West, Push Men and Britney Spears are all represented in some way on Lemonade. The album also features songs that were almost too poppy for my taste, but then again, the music is so catchy and the hooks are amazing. Beyonce does a lot of rapping on this album too. She takes elements from rap and country but adds her own flavour.

The second track on Lemonade is called Ultraviolet. Now, I’m not a huge fan of Beyonce’s music, but I was blown away by the guitar work on this track. It sounds absolutely incredible! The guitar riffs on that song are simply amazing. Beyonce does a lot of singing on this album too, with some great songs like Daddy Don’t Live In New York and Beautiful Everyone.

On The Newest Album: The visual images of the album are beautiful. The music is catchy and it gets me thinking about how many young girls will buy this album after it comes out. The style of music on this album is very unique. Beyonce plays mostly acoustic music while the producers mostly use a lot of synthesised sounds.

While on stage, Beyonce often takes questions from the audience, and she usually manages to get quite a few during her shows. This means that fans can have an opportunity to ask questions about the album. The fans are usually very nice and chatting and having a good time.

A brief synopsis of some of the themes explored on the album can be seen on the video for New Direction. The video mainly focuses on the title track and features a couple of dancers clad in colourful outfits and carrying little children around the stage. Another short video focuses on the piano ballad which is probably the most famous on the album. The music is performed by both men and women. Finally there is a short video showing members of the audience during Beyonce’s song New Orleans.

There are lots of great songs on the album, which can be enjoyed by both old and young fans. The best songs are usually played first as part of the encore. The music videos are quite good too. One interesting thing I noticed about this album is that there seems to be no sign of any guest appearances by Beyonce herself.

The content of the album is not heavy or ponderous but it is filled with enough moments of brilliance and genuine emotion. Beyonce is very good at expressing herself through the words on her songs. She is capable of putting down words on the page in a clear and precise way. On My World, for example, is an amazing song that has a lovely instrumental that works beautifully with the words.

Many people have asked me whether there will be many similar covers with this new album. Well, I can honestly say that I don’t know. I have seen many covers on the internet but they were not actually produced by Beyonce so I can’t vouch for their authenticity. The only cover that I remember seeing was the one for the chart topping single Beautiful Everyday. But I am sure there are many others as well.

I am sure that many of us girls have our own ideas about what a girl should look like. We all want our perfect dream girl. I think sometimes it can be depressing to watch girls on television who don’t seem to be all that bright but then when you meet them you realise that they have some great personality. Hopefully Girls won’t to have to listen to That’s All Right, it’s not a good thing to hear.