The Husband is a Mongolian popular rock band formed in 2021. Formed by singer Gudakunst Laimo, the band is composed of musicians from several national backgrounds. With traditional Mongolian instrumentation, such as the Morin khuur, Tovshuur, and Mongolian throat sing, the band named their style of music as “hunnu”. The name of the band itself is a reference to the Hunan river where the origin of the tribe from which the members came.

the hu band

One can easily notice the influence of the Mongols on the musical genre in the band’s songs. A good example would be the song called “Cold Mountain”, with its extremely slow and majestic pace that drags one into the deep, tranquil yet rough mountain valleys. Another song by the band features the title “In the Night”, which gives a nice hint of what the band is all about: dark and mysterious ambiance with a touch of shamanic experiences in the background. The most popular songs by the band to have the same feel, with slower rhythms and soaring melodies. Some of them also have the typical Mongolian atmosphere, with its rustic settings and mountainside themes. The sound of the drums is very heavy, almost like the sound of the hooves of the wildebeest.

The band’s music features traditional songs from the Mongols, along with some original tracks from different genres. “Cave of the Sun” is a beautiful, slow-moving song with soft harmonies performed by the female vocals. “Escape” is another track from the deluxe edition featuring the voice of Chen. The song features a slow-dragging rhythm, interspersed with the band’s signature sound of drums and Mongolian culture.

“Mysterious Ways” is the first-ever radio single from the band, featuring the haunting vocals of Chen, who also happens to be the guitarist. It was released on the same day that the deluxe version of the album was released. This track is a re-made version of the song “Mysterious Ways”. The song’s tempo is slowed down, making the music more melodic. The lyrics are dedicated to the memory of Chen’s grandmother.

There are three songs from the deluxe edition of the Hsu Band: “Mountain of Heaven”, “Daughter” and “Sail”. The Mountain of Heaven is a slow-moving ballad about the beauty of a woman’s life. The song features the best of the band’s instruments, the violin, the cello, and the keyboards. In addition, the music contains a memorable piano instrumental. A man’s voice can be heard in the background. The song was used on the album In the Car of Your Life.

The song, “Daughter” is about the special bond between the mothers and their daughters. The Wu-Tang Clan is well known for its legendary member, Raekwon Kim, as well as members like Inspectah Deck and Cee-Lo. Cee-Lo’s vocals are absent in this track. Instead, there is a very good female voice that delivers this tender ballad. The Chinese women featured in this video belong to the group “Zhou Guikshan”, and the song is their first attempt at an original composition.

The most recent release from the band is “Reunion” (aka “The Belly Dance”), which achieved wide critical acclaim. It is the third album by the band. Their previous two albums have been certified gold and platinum, respectively. “Reunion” features the musical talents of Inspectah Deck, who did not appear on the group’s first album, Man On The Moon: The End of Day. This time around, Cee-Lo performs with the Wu-Tang Clan.

This deluxe album features over 25 songs, including some which are not available on the regular album. The songs will also be included on the group’s forthcoming fourth album. Cee-Lo has released singles from both The Belly Dance and Man On The Moon: The End of Day.