young frankenstein

Young Frankenstein by Mary Butcher

Young Frankenstein (Michael Gambon) is a bright, intelligent, and curious young man who is taken in by the Russian Orthodox Church. Impelled by an attraction to the congregation, he becomes their new parishioner. Young Frankenstein is fascinated by the works of Saint Petersburg, which he sees as being similar to the work of Saint Frankenstein. But when an unscrupulous priest attempts to convert him to the Orthodox faith, the boy escapes to find protection in the house of his Uncle Maxim.

While visiting his grandmother’s grave, Young Frankenstein gets to know that his great-grandfather, Doctor Frankenstein (Gene Wilder), was once a devout Catholic but converted to the Reformed church later in life. Believing that the dead doctor may have inadvertently injured the angel Gabriel during the experiment that created his son, the priest tells the family about what happened. With the blessing of the family, the young man goes to Grandma’s grave but discovers that her casket has been opened and that there are no remains. Frightened, he hurriedly flees to his aunt’s home but finds that the woman is possessed by a satanic demon.

Impatient with his guest, the doctor transforms into a monster-creature of appearance but no substance. Believing the creature to be a monster, he orders Dr. Van Helsing (OSCAR) to kill the creature. When the scientist tries to use a cure on the demon, the creature bites him on the neck. Recognizing the dangerous potential of this infection could cause, the Orthodox priest banishes everybody from the house including the young Frankenstein and his father. However, unbeknownst to everybody, the creature escapes to London and attacks a young boy named Henry who was staying at the orphanage.

While investigating the house, the young man was bitten by another of the creatures and after taking an antidote for a snake wound, he passed out. The paramedics found the unconscious boy dead from a massive infection in his neck. Hearing of this, the father of Frankenstein and Van Helsing go to the scene but the monster escaped once again. Returning to the orphanage, Frankenstein discovered the young boy’s name… FRANKENSTIFF.

While investigating the crime, the sleuth deduces that the creature was once a young boy called Frankenstein but was transformed into a monster due to exposure to radiation. It was then turned over to Van Helsing to cure. The sleuth deduces that the only way to save the little boys from starvation and a possible death was for Frankenstein to sacrifice himself for their well being.

The story told in this book has a moral lesson. Children must not be sacrifices for a good purpose. They must be treated with respect. Those who do not understand this concept are sure to run away screaming from this story. Others will read this story and be scared of the monster they once loved.

Young readers will enjoy this story because it is funny. Everyone could use a few chuckles here and there. Some adults will read this with an adult perspective to appreciate how far away from the truth of the story is. The writer does an excellent job of building up the romance between Henry and Van Helsing.

This is a young adult novel without a doubt. It contains a touch of romance combined with humor to keep the young reader entertained. It is worth a read!

The young reader will find this story intriguing. It contains lots of humor. The author seems to know just what the young readers like. This is definitely a book that young readers will look forward to reading. The story written about the monster known as Frankenstein is unique. It is a love story based on truth.

The author did a wonderful job writing about creating this fictional creature known as Frankenstein. He took a true event and turned it into an interesting story for young readers to enjoy. It is a love story about two young lovers who were destined to share their next adventure together. The story written by Mary Butcher had the young readers hooked and eager to know what happened between them and Henry.

The story written by Mary Butcher was an interesting and fun read. It included many humorous moments, which kept young readers entertained. This is one book that young readers will look forward to reading. The writer wrote a good story that young readers will enjoy.