If you’ve ever wondered how a singer manages to be so good at delivering a deep message through a song, Zayn Malik is the man for you. With a romantic, mid-paced melody, he has captivated audiences worldwide with his songs. Whether you’re looking for the perfect Valentine’s Day song or a great love song to keep the heart racing, Zayn Malik has the goods.


In his new single ‘Tightrope’, Zayn Malik pays tribute to his desi roots. This song, from his debut album Nobody Is Listening, features a verse from a classic Hindi film song. The song’s chorus, composed by Mohammad Rafi, includes the first four lines of the original composition, which is sung by the British-Pakistani singer.

In “Tightrope,” Zayn is speaking to his partner as if they are on a tightrope. They are walking on a thin wire high above the ground and are both teetering on the precipice of death. In a relationship, the balance is extremely delicate and requires a strong grip to prevent falls. However, the tense grip of a person is what makes it hard to fall.

The lyrics of ‘Tightrope’ by ZaYN Malik were written in Urdu to reflect the fear and anxiety the singer felt while in a precarious position. Zayn also acknowledged that he had been in a rut and stagnant for many years. Despite his apparent fear of falling, he did not give up hope and kept trying his best to stay alive.

During the song’s release, Zayn distanced himself from Harry in a relationship that lasted over three years. His actions were clearly hurtful and he never asked Harry to be with him in a traditional sense. It was unclear whether this was a lovemaking relationship between the two. Regardless, Zayn and Harry had a theoretical reconciliation in 2017/2018. If this is indeed the case, ‘Tightrope’ could be the first step towards a reconciliation between the two.


Fans can listen to the latest Zayn Malik song “Better” online. It is the lead single from the upcoming third studio album and is the follow-up to his first single, “Sorry”. The song asks a lover to give them another chance. The upbeat music and dramatic lyrics are sure to get you hooked. Watch the music video below. ‘Better’ is currently available on all digital music stores.

“Better'” is a love song that was released last week by Zayn Malik. This song is about a man’s search for love after losing it. The lyrics are based on Malik’s relationship with Gigi Hadid, whom he recently wed. Zayn reveals that he was inspired by the relationship in the song. Gigi Hadid’s love for him inspired the lyrics, and “Better” is no exception.

The meaning of the song is very deep. It’s about how celebrity-dom is a double-edged sword, and how it’s better to take breaks from the romance every once in a while. He says that the emotional pain associated with a relationship can become too much to bear. Both Zayn and Gigi have a tendency to hurt each other, and then end up back together again.

The vocals on this Zayn Malik song are dreamy and mellow. The song even hints at Indian classical music. Syd also contributes to the song’s groovy beat. Despite being a dreamy song, it’s a groovy listen that will keep you hooked. Zayn Malik is a talented singer and he knows how to reach an audience. So get ready to hear the newest single from him!

The newest single from Zayn Malik is “Better” – a heartbreaking song inspired by his failed relationship with Perrie Edwards. Slow Motion is a slow-tempo track that features upsetting lyrics and Zayn’s potent voice. The song also features slower beats and a softer tone. Zayn Malik’s latest release, “Better”, is available now.

‘Chaudhvin Ka Chand Ho’

This song by Zayn Malik features a sample of a 1960s classic by Muhammed Rafi, Chaudhvin Ka Chand Ho. The song has a desi feel, qawwali-like melodies, and a touching Urdu outro to honour the singer’s Pakistani father. The song’s diction has improved since the original version, according to YouTube commenters.

In the new song, “Tightrope,” Zayn Malik samples the Mohammad Rafi classic Chaudhvin Ka Chand Ho. The lyrics of the song, which samples Mohammad Rafi’s famous composition, raise some curiosity in the minds of listeners. Zayn Malik’s music is a refreshing change from most of his previous hits.

One of Zayn Malik’s strengths is his ability to capture classics, and his rendition of Mohammed Rafi’s “Chaudhvin Ka Chand Ho” is no exception. The singer’s flawless urdu accent adds to the appeal of the song, and the introspective nature of this album makes it an excellent choice for fans of both genres.

Although many people do not like the sound of Zayn Malik singing Hindi songs, his fans enjoy it. The song has earned millions of views on YouTube, thanks to its unpredictable music and lyrics. The song even features a verse by Mohammed Rafi. Both Zayn and Rafi have large fan bases in Pakistan and India. It is a wonderful addition to any playlist.

‘Take It Off’

The music video for Zayn Malik’s single “Selfish” was released along with the album on December 22, 2017. The song was written about a young man’s struggle to break out on his own, and is a response to the criticism Malik has received from critics of his former boy band, One Direction. The video focuses on youth culture in the North of England, with Malik and his friends partying, dancing, and even boxing.